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Mrs Funnybones
When I picked this book, it was only to be judgmental about a celebrity’s writing skill. Yes, I am an Indian woman who will never miss an opportunity to cast a sardonic sneer for a book written by a celebrity. To my surprise, she has done a good job and while the book is not about flowery adjectives like the one used on Simi Grewal’s Tv show, it’s about the non glamorous life of a glamorous celebrity and celebrity wife.
Who is Mrs Funnybones
First few pages really made me question myself, “Are you going to read this? why would you want to know about what happens in Akshay Kumar’s household” Don’t forget I defined myself as hard to please cynical Indian woman, What I liked about the author was her ability to joke about herself and as a reader, It looked like story from an ordinary day of my life. I am Mrs Funnybones and so is every woman I know who is married, every woman who is a daughter to her  mother in law on most days and ‘the law’ bit comes in handy at times, everyone who finds herself a misfit in her husband’s extended family. every woman with a kid and their poo poo stories. Every woman in that girlie get together who is asked “have you put on some weight, lately” Twinkle, writes this book describing real life incidents and these are the non glamorous stories of a celebrity. I liked the way she has time lined the instances, builds a better context for the reader. Every woman would empathize with her when she writes about getting up at 4 in the morning…thanks to the ‘snoresome’ better half or catching a flight at 6 am with an infant.
The Pun intended
It’s hard to be a woman especially in a country like ours. We are stared at impassively when we jog,yes we have lactating organs and that doesn’t make us aliens. We are expected to only “whisper” about our periods, we are expected to be fit back in our 26 waist size jeans even after pulling out two kids from our body, we are expected to walk in high heels and not complain about the shoe bites.  We are expected to know all the cooking in the world.Twinkle unlike any “mahila Mukti”  organization uses a lot of humor in these little instances and any woman would just giggle about  thinking, “Yes, I have been there”  We have had enough writers writing about us with sympathy and pity but this lady makes a joke out of it and that’s what I liked reading.
Chic Flick read
To conclude my review on Mrs Funnybones, this is like watching a chic flick, it would get you splits at some pages and leave you to evaluate at some.  It took me 6 hours to complete the book, thanks to my attention seeking dog, who would bring a salivated rubber toy every 10 minutes but if you are looking for a book you could read in a flight, You would love it. One of my favorite jokes she cracks is about her male Gynecologist, who pulled two kids out of her! She writes about his idea of making love to his wife would be tapping her on the head perhaps that’s one part he sees least!

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