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As part of the writing workshop, all of us were asked to pick a random phrase from any book and write a story on it. Here’s my story

Keeping the direct sunlight from her kitchen, she pulled the binds and stirred the halwa on stove rigorously. “Suresh…Can you please open the door, I think Anjali is here”..She said in a loud voice.
Suresh walked with towards the door clumsily holding his stick in one hand, he peeped through the eye hole in the door and with a smile on his face, he unlocked the door to welcome Anjali.
“Please come beta, we have been waiting for you” said Suresh and offered her a seat in their living room. Anjali was looking beautiful in her pastel blue saree, she wore it as Veena suggested her to wear something blue today. Anjali was their neighbor,studying in medical college. Staying away from family Anjali enjoyed company of Veena and Suresh. She was very fond of her favorite Veena aunty’s cooking and the elderly couple was very fond of her. They wanted her to meet their son Aaksh.
Veena came out of the kitchen with a bowl of halwa and cup of tea to offer Anjali. “you look so stunning my dear, Akash wont be able to take his eyes of you, Blue looks so good on you, its his favorite color” said Veena very lovingly. Anjali was intimidating and tried to hide her nervousness by sipping some water kept on the side table. Anjali had heard so much about Aakash from Veena that she was desperate to meet him. Veena Aunty could never get tired talking about her pilot son Aakash.
Anjali asked very politely, “has he arrived yet?”
“Yes he is upstairs, answered Suresh
Anjali was shy and was was blushing in excitement. Their living room was filled with Akash’s childhood pictures and Veena could not stop emphasizing on the fact how naughty Akash was as a kid and  Anjali was dying to see him in his officer’s uniform .
“Your halwa is getting cold Anjali” said Veena
“Let’s wait for Aakash , aunty” replied Anjali
Veena could see the excitement on Anjali’s face and said, “he has had his share, darling. Why don’t you go ahead”
Anjali held the warm bowl in her hand and had a few bites with her tea. “we know you have a sweet tooth like Akash, why don’t you have some more” said Suresh offering her a second helping.
Before she could finish the halwa, Veena said, “why don’t you go upstairs and meet Aakash. his room is upstairs”
Anjali  just wanted to hear that and holding the pleats of her saree very gracefully she walked up the helical stairway with poise and elegance.
The couple looked at her while walking the staicase till she turned towards the alley
And there was a big thump heard on the first floor.
The next moment, Mehta residence was surrounded by the Police and paramedics.
Suresh said to Veena, finally Aakash met his soulmate….
The Police investigation revealed that the couple lost Aakash at the age of 10 when he accidentally fell from their terrace chasing a blue kite. Suresh & Veena could never get over his death. He was their only son and it would have been his 30th birthday today. Anjali was his “gift”
The bowl of halwa served as an evidence of the poison given to Anjali..