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My part of the world, loves to believe that family is a perfect word and if you don’t fit in it, its your fault, you are the Ugly Duckling. They love words like “khandaan”, “Pariwar”, “Gharana.” So having a family and family ‘values’ is considered mandatory or else you are nothing but an alien.
What about broken families? Single parents, divorced parents, step parent? OH NO! That’s not acceptable at all.
Kids who live in such families are stronger individuals and they adapt better in situations, they make stronger friendships because they know friends are all they have. They have better managerial skills because they were never over pampered, they were left to “deal with it”. They are more likely to be a good spouse or parent, In fact, they value family more than anyone because they know they never had one.
Thanks to Ekta Kapoor for making these people feel even more miserable and to companies who promote fathers day, mothers day, daughters day all the relationship show off days.
It’s a tough road if you are all by yourself.
I was impressed with a celebrity interview recently where the woman stated that her parents were so against her dream of becoming an actor that she was left with no option than to leave them and start her own journey.She belonged to a family where men were served food before women and they thought she would be someone who will bring shame to their family name…
Now when she is successful, famous, a celebrity, her parents stay with her though they still don’t approve of her work, they don’t even watch her movies.
She never gets any accolades from her immediate family rather it’s depressing she says because just as any child she would always want to impress her parents, hmmm… but that’s not what impressed me in this girl.
What impressed me was that she decided one day that I will not let anyone ruin my happiness, I deserve to happy because I have worked for it and with a strong heart she distanced herself from her family.
Many Indians would find this not so righteous but not me. The art of self-love I call it.
It’s not necessary that you have the most understanding and supportive family like they show in Ekta Kapoor shows.It’s just fine to have a nonsupportive parent or parents and what do you do if you have one? You wait for them to change? You change yourself according to them?
Flaunting a tattoo which says “Daddy’s Lil girl” may be the coolest thing but walking alone in sun and rain and making your own decisions and taking responsibility is tough.
By the way, the celebrity I wrote about was Kangna Ranaut and one of the best things she has quoted is “My father slapped me for the first time at 15 and I told him, ‘If you slap me I will slap you back’. I felt raising your hand on anybody is inappropriate and always had a high regard for myself. My dad asked me to leave the house and I did so without a single penny in my pocket.”
Recently liked a trending post on facebook, where Kalki Kochelin is holding a banner saying INDIA NEEDS FEMINISM.
Really? India needs equality, not feminism!
I still feel being in my late 20s, My country and society is growing and being urbaner but it’s as hollow as it gets.
The superficial cocoon of “hum to bahot modern aur broadminded hai” is just fake because inside they are the same orthodox unevolved bunch of hypocrites who would tell their girls to be safe and ask their boys to have fun.
To all the women who have no sense of family, To the ones who don’t ‘belong’ to anyone I would say” You know what, you don’t need people to make you happy….Happiness begins with you and it’s ok to be born in an inappropriate family, Even god can make mistakes at times.