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This is definitely not your story because it is too gooey to chew.  This is close to a fairytale romance with no villains.
This is not your story
By Savi Sharma
Publisher- Westland Ltd
222 Pages
What to expect-  The book narrates a story of four people, Shaurya, Miraya, Anubhav and Kasturi, how they are all struggling in their life to follow their dreams, living with the ghosts of their past and how they all motivate each other about following the forgotten dreams and in the whole process they get motivated to follow their own. The story is more like the nineties love stories, where the guys are scared to express their love and the women have an element of shyness in their character. The story lacks freshness and is not paced as per the current generation of people.
What’s Interesting  On an Indian fiction marathon, I picked up Savi Sharma after reading reviews of her first book. Everyone has a story The story of Savi Sharma is definitely more interesting than this book. She has great skill in making events visual to the readers. Savi weaves the series of events giving it a detailed background. Like when she writes “The sun was starting to fall into the evening sky. The clouds, painted in shades of yellow and orange, were like a spectrum of saffron one could almost taste in the air”  one can feel the mood and the time set by the writer in a beautiful weave of words. Sharma has great command over vocabulary in the book and expression in the book.
What’s disappointing The story is weak, not convincing enough, The character of Kasturi is not defined too well. I wasn’t convinced about few things in the book. Some of the sub plots looked forced in the book, like Miraya’s abusive marriage or the Anubhav’s drastic progression from a workaholic to alcoholic and how can someone be an alcoholic with beer?? really, Savi should have at least introduced nasty looking bottles of whiskey to the scene. jokes apart, I wish there was more background to these stories. Shaurya’s character starts off very well but then loses its pace, Miraya’s character is well written, Anubhav again gives a faint visual image of the man, Savi wants the reader to see.
Recommended to– Young fiction readers, to an age where mill and boons is a no no. To the 14-year-old kids who want to start reading novels, this is not a bad option.