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The way Social media or facebook has changed our generation is unimaginable but what surprises me is how Indian culture ka tadka affects facebook.
“Usne meri photo Like nahi ki, She is always jealous of me.” talks a 30 yr old to her friend because a kitty member ignored her latest picture!
The “Like” button is the new ego masseuse
So facebook is the new “flatter me” platform where you like every photo your bosses wife posts, to be acknowledged. Not just that you leave a comment “very nice” “lovely”, “beautiful”(the most common ones) to be in her good (face) books
We have 90 mutual friends but we are not friends, taking the cold war to a different level altogether. Two women who would meet with a peck on the cheek in parties with the enormous fake love for each other but will not send a friend request to each other because they are suffering from a superiority complex.
Everybody has some Mute friends in their friend list. People who add you just to peep into your life but would never even wish you on your timeline. They make you feel like a celebrity because they look at your check in and pictures more than you.
But I love how everybody has embraced technology in their own style.
From Selfie struck teenagers to kitty party aunties. From startup business to local dukandar.
I wasn’t surprised to see a friend request from my ‘domestic help’ the other day who is probably on some 100th level in candy crush!
We have been touched by our touch phones.
My father found most precious friends on facebook (Random facebook profiles), he meets them often and that includes people from all ages, backgrounds, cultures.  Though I get worried at times about him putting so much trust in social media profile and going to the extent of meeting them personally but then I think he is way ahead of his time.
He says, “it’s fun and when you meet people who are very different from you, you end up learning something unique from each one of them”.
He loves to design nice flowery birthday wishes for his friends, he calls them “posters” and love to post them. Something my generation would call, “going overboard” but It’s good to see how technology has made life so much fun for 65 yr old
Sorry Gary Turk, I don’t agree when you say “look Up”
we live in some kind of matrix generation where we live on computers I pads, phones.
Who says it’s a bad thing?
I am not addicted to my phone but I find it a better companion than a boring bunch of people.
I can sit on my shitpot listening to my favorite music having a WhatsApp chat with an old aunt who otherwise wouldn’t have known, what’s happening in my life if it wasn’t for facebook or WhatsApp.
So Miss technology, I love your wits. I am very happy that we are living in an age where I can get some space, I can call my own in a 9″ screen.
And for all the stalkers, talkers, and smitten friends. I am glad we have the facebook wall between us!